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Celebrate the Natural Beauty of Ventura at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Celebrate the natural beauty of Ventura at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival!! This 9th annual festival showcases inspirational and educational films related to our natural environment. Enjoy these incredible, award-winning short films with a stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Bring a blanket, find the perfect spot on the grassy lawn, and relax under the stars during this fantastic event!


The Wild & Scenic Film Festival will take place this Saturday, August 18th, at the Ventura County Credit Union (2575 Vista Del Mar Drive #100). The gates to the event will open at 5:00 pm with fun lawn games, family friendly activities, live music from Bill Jones & J. Peter Boles and Mid Life Crisis. Films will begin at 8:00 pm.


Film Line Up

Water Take One: Ventura Land Trust

Imagination: Tom Wallisch

Brothers of Climbing

Blind Sushi

Dragging 235 lbs. Uphill Both Ways

Where the Wild Things Play

Lost in Light

The Nature of Maps

Love of Place


A Letter to Congress


Dine on delicious food from your favorite local trucks, including Deer Xing, It's in the Sauce, Mr. Softee, Scratch, SoCalComfort, Steamy Bun Truck, and Sweet Arleen's. Sip on refreshing beer and wine from New Belgium Brewing, Rincon Brewery, Sierra Nevada, Topa Topa, Castoro Cellars, and San Antonio Winery.


General Admission is $25 per person and child admission is $5 per child (ages 12 and under). Purchase tickets HERE!


Follow us on Facebook and visit our Website for information on more incredible community events throughout the year!


Image Credits: Ventura Land Trust

Important Questions to Ask During Open Houses

by The Blake Mashburn Group

As a buyer, open houses are an essential source of information. They allow you to get a closer look at homes you are interested in and see if they are truly a good fit for you and your family. Get the most out of this process by coming prepared and taking notes during the open house. Here are important questions to ask the listing agent in order for you to benefit the most from the open house!


  1. Has there been any offers? The listing agent cannot tell you what has been offered but they can let you know that offers exist. This information can help you decide on how quickly you need to move on this house.

  2. What is the seller's timeline? Knowing when the seller wants to move can help you determine your offer. If they need to move quickly, they are more likely open to negotiate a price below the listing. In addition, by finding out their ideal closing date, you can strengthen your offer by proposing a settlement date that fits their timeline.

  3. Is there any price flexibility? Although you might not get an answer to this question every time, you never know when you might get told "yes".

  4. How long has the house been listed? Although online listings provide this information, it can be helpful to ask the listing agent because they can provide more explanation as to why the home is still on the market.

  5. Any price changes? Similar to days on the market, asking the listing agent for explanations of pricing changes can provide more context.

  6. What recent repairs or renovations have been completed? Find out about higher priced items, such as appliances, HVAC systems, and the roof. It is helpful to know what has already been done to the home and what could be potential costs for you in the future.

  7. How much are average utilities? Utilities are an additional housing expense every month that you should consider when buying a home. Find out the average costs throughout the year in order to know whether or not it fits within your overall budget.


It is important to remember that as you ask these questions, you should always be courteous and friendly with the listing agent. If you end up loving the home, you could enter into negotiations with this person shortly. The open house allows you the opportunity to make a great first impression!

For more helpful Buying tips, check out our Website and follow us on Facebook!

Ventura County Heads Back to School!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

The first school bells of the year are about to start ringing throughout Ventura County! It's time to head back to school! The excellent public school districts in our area will all be returning to school at different dates over the next few weeks; to make sure you have your young scholars ready to go with their backpacks packed, here is a list of the first days of school for all local districts!

Santa Paula Unified School District | 201 South Steckel, Santa Paula

First Day of School: Wednesday, August 15th

2018 - 2019 District Calendar


Fillmore Unified School District | 627 Sespe Avenue, Fillmore

First Day of School: Thursday, August 16th

2018 - 2019 District Calendar


Oxnard School District | 1501 South A Street, Oxnard

First Day of School: Thursday, August 16th

2018 - 2019 District Calendar


Ojai Unified School District | 414 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai

First Day of School: Wednesday, August 22nd

2018 - 2019 District Calendar


Ventura Unified School District | 255 West Stanley Avenue, Ventura

First Day of School: Wednesday, August 22nd

2018 - 2019 District Calendar


Hueneme Elementary School District | 205 North Ventura Road, Port Hueneme

First Day of School: Tuesday, August 28th

2018 - 2019 District Calendar


Oxnard Union High School District | 309 South K Street, Oxnard

First Day of School: Tuesday, August 28th

2018 - 2019 District Calendar


Pleasant Valley School District | 600 Temple Avenue, Camarillo

First Day of School: Wednesday, August 29th

2018 - 2019 District Calendar


The Blake Mashburn Group wishes a successful and fun 2018 - 2019 school year to all students in Ventura County!!!

If you are interested in BUYING a home in one of these excellent school districts, give us a call today or visit our Website!   

Head On Down to the Ventura County Fair!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Celebrate everything you love about living in beautiful Ventura County by partaking in that great summertime tradition.....the Ventura County Fair!!! Head to the Ventura County Fairgrounds (10 West Harbor Boulevard) now through Sunday, August 12th, for days of family fun and excitement! The 143rd annual fair promises to be better than ever! Enjoy carnival games, exciting rides and attractions, incredible live entertainment, interesting vendors and exhibitions, and SO much more every day from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. Admission to the fair costs $12 for adults and $9 for children and seniors (65+). Take advantage of discounted ticket prices on Special Admission Days. Purchase your fair tickets HERE! Do not miss out on the “County Fair with Ocean Air”!!


Grandstand Entertainment Schedule

Monday, August 6th

  • 7:30 pm | Sublime with Rome

Tuesday, August 7th

  • 1:00 pm | The 5th Dimension
  • 7:30 pm | Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

Wednesday, August 8th

  • 7:30 pm | Boyz II Men

Thursday, August 9th

  • 7:30 pm | Hunter Hayes

Friday, August 10th

  • 7:30 pm | Creedence Clearwater Revisited

Saturday, August 11th

  • 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm | Professional Cowboy Rodeo

Sunday, August 12th

  • 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm | Professional Cowboy Rodeo


Check out all the fun happenings: 2018 Ventura County Fair Daily Schedule of Events!!!


The Blake Mashburn Group wishes everyone a happy & fun time at this year’s Ventura County Fair!

Image Credit: Ventura County Fairgrounds

Community amenities to evaluate when choosing a place to live

by The Blake Mashburn Group

A home purchase is a big decision that affects everyone.  Before you begin to look, figure out what amenities are most important to you and your family in the neighborhood of your choice?

  1. Schools- Whether or not you have children the schools in your neighborhood are of great importance.  Great schools add value to your home as well as a solid educational foundation for your children
  2. Conveniences- Are there a number of grocery store options close by?  Is your bank close? How about playgrounds for the kids?  Where are your doctors located? All these things play into the likeability of the location of your home.
  3. Dining and entertainment- While this may not be on the top of your list, your hobbies, dining preferences and entertainment options and the distance from your home will be important.
  4. What amenities does the home itself offer?  Big backyard, outdoor pool, extended patio or deck for outdoor living space?
  5. If it is a relatively new neighborhood, what was it built upon?  Some areas have been built over wetland and filled.  This could cause unsettling in your home resulting in cracked foundations and walls.

Before you begin your home search, partner with a real estate agent that is an expert in the area and has lived or worked there for a good number of years.  Their experience and knowledge could be a lifesaver for you and can save hours of viewings in areas that don’t meet your needs.

Need more information about our area?  Contact us today.  We’ll help you find the perfect home in the best neighborhood to suit all your needs.

Searching for your new home? Here are 7 things to ignore!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

You're pre-approved for your mortgage and are now beginning your home search.  Congratulations! Here are some 7 tips on things to ignore when viewing homes so you don't let the perfect home in the best location get away from you:

  1. Home Staging is done to highlight the best that a home has to offer. But you need to remember that it’s the homeowners and designers choices to utilize the pieces they’ve chosen.  Your ideas for a room might be totally different, so look past the design choices and envision your own furniture, colors and personal touches in the home instead!
  2. Carpeting!  Don't be turned off by a home that is filled with carpeting! Updating floors is an inexpensive update to a home you truly love.  Plus, many homes will have beautiful hardwood floors beneath the carpeting in that room. 
  3. Wallpaper.  This decorating gem has made a comeback over the past couple years, and in many cases, when done right, can really accentuate a room.  However, if the wallpaper isn’t your cup of tea, don’t sweat it!  A good steam and elbow grease will have this off in no time; giving you a blank canvas to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.
  4. Bright and bold paint colors.  Are you the type of individual who prefers a more neutral canvas for your walls?  It's a very easy change to make and refresh the home at the same time.  Keep in mind that paint colors are personal choices of any homeowner, not something that needs to stay in place once the home is purchased.
  5. Bathroom or Kitchen hardware and sink styles.  You walk into a home with your heart set on the new brass/black faucets and bowl sinks, but you find stainless steel and basins of yesteryear.  Again, this isn’t a big problem.  Swapping out faucet hardware and even upgrading your basins can be done very cost-effectively.
  6. Kitchen cabinet colors.  Individual opinions vary deeply when it comes to a dream kitchen.  If you’re looking at a home that has a great layout, island and lots of cabinets to suit your needs but they are in black and you’d like gray... not a big deal!  There are plenty of interior decorating services that can spray and paint your existing cabinets to the color you desire; without totally remodeling the entire kitchen.
  7. Landscape. Curb appeal is critical whether you’re buying or selling a home, but again, each person has their own tastes as to what looks beautiful.  If you’re seeing a yard that has lots of crazy bushes or too much maintenance, look at it as an opportunity to create your own backyard oasis.  Simply axing a home because the yard and garden isn’t to you liking can cost you a great home.

Better to concentrate on the home’s more important aspects;  How is the roof?  Electrical? HVAC? Foundation?  These are the non-negotiable parts of the home that need to be in great working order, or can cost you dearly.  Cosmetics are just the choice of the homeowner and can be tailored to your own likes and needs.

Where are the best schools in Ventura County?

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Did you know that home buyers rank top rated schools at the top of their amenity wish list?  This is because homes in neighborhoods with top-rated schools elevate the home values substantially!  Now, if you have children you're looking not only for the best home value but also the best educational experience for your child.  With the new school year right around the corner we wanted to share with you the top-rated Ventura County schools and homes available in each of them:

Mound Elementary School- With a solid A rating across the board, this wonderful elementary school boasts a 26:1 student/teacher ratio with 569 students in grades K-5.  Search all homes for sale in the Mound Elementary School area.

Loma Vista Elementary School- Again, an A rating for this terrific school featuring a 21:1 student/teacher ratio with 366 students in grades K-5. Search all homes for sale in Loma Vista Elementary School.

Poinsettia Elementary School- Another fantastic elementary school with a solid A rating.  Poinsettia offers a 23:1 student/teacher ratio with 507 students in grades K-5.  Search all homes for sale in Poinsettia Elementary School area.

Portola Elementary School- Last, but certainly not least for highly rated Ventura County Elementary Schools!  Solid A rating for academics, teachers, and diversity.  Offering a 26:1 student/teacher ratio with their 606 students in grades K-5.  Search all homes for sale in Portola Elementary School area.

Foothill Technology High School- With an A+ rating, this public magnet school offers it's 1,023 students a 28:1 student/teacher ratio for their students in grades 9-12.  Search all homes for sale in the Foothill Technology High School area.

El Camino High School- Featuring a solid A rating, this public alternative high school has 290 students in grades 9-12 with a student/teacher ratio of 67:1.  Search all homes for sale in the El Camino High School area.

Ventura High School- Rounding out the top-rated Ventura County high schools with an A-rating is Ventura High! With 2,162 students in grades 9-12, this school has a student/teacher ratio of 26:1.  Search all homes for sale in the Ventura High School area.

Would you like more information about our local schools?  Looking for a particular type of home in your desired school district?  Give Blake a call!

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Create a beautiful outdoor space with these 2018 gardening trends!

by The Blake Mashburn Group





Summer is truly in bloom, but you want a relaxing and beautiful outdoor space you can utilize all year-long.  This takes some initial planning, but can easily be implemented now.

Here are the things to consider:

1. Map out the area you're looking to update. You should know the size of the total space along with areas of sunlight and shade to maximize the exposure of your plants.

2. Choose native plants that will thrive throughout the seasons. Here are a few we'd recommend:

  • Matilija Poppy
  • Hoary California Fuchsia
  • Chalk Liveforever
  • Shaw's Agave
  • Desert Marshmallow
  • San Miguel Island Buckwheat

3. If you're looking to create a more Zen-like garden, make sure to include a water source like a pond, waterfall or stream.

4. Incorporate ornamental grasses for a peaceful, low maintenance look. These include:

  • Mondo Grass
  • Blue Fescue
  • Leatherleaf sedge
  • Succulents

5. Choose a bird bath, sculpture, yard art, and bench to complete the space.

Remember, you want your bench facing the sun for a Zen-garden.  You can also incorporate some comfy seating if you'd like and don't forget some dazzling lights for night-time fun.

Need more ideas for updating your Ventura County home?  Check out our website at

Find the Perfect Ventura Neighborhood For You!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

The house itself isn't the only thing to consider when searching for your dream home. Location is everything! You want to find the perfect neighborhood to call home. Ventura is filled with those! With Pierpont Beach, Ventura Heights, Ventura Keys, and so many more, homebuyers can find a particular neighborhood to fit their every needs. Not sure where to start looking?


Consider these factors when choosing your perfect neighborhood!


1. Property Taxes

Property taxes are an additional expense that you need to consider and budget for. Check the listing information to learn the taxes for a specific home.

2. Property Value

Home values are important for your immediate needs as well as into the future. Be sure to learn the comps for similar properties in the neighborhood to make sure the home you are interested in is price correctly.

3. Safety and Crime

Safety is a top priority. You want to make sure that your home and your family are safe. Learn more about the crime levels in particular neighborhoods by checking websites like City-Data and CrimeReports. You want to check for the neighborhood you will be living in as well as those immediately surrounding it. Determine what level of crime you feel comfortable based on the information you gather.

4. Topography and Geography

Desirable geographic features, such as waterfront or hillside, will likely cost you more. Consider whether these features are a priority for you. Also, be aware of danger-prone areas and insurance needs when scouting neighborhoods.

5. School Zones

Strong schools in the neighborhood are an obvious necessity if you have or are planning on having kids. However, they are beneficial to all home owners as they increase property values throughout the neighborhood. Parks and community centers can also add value.


Want to learn more about a particular Ventura neighborhood or interested in Buying a home? Give The Blake Mashburn Group a call today or visit our website at


Delight Your Ears at the 24th Annual Ventura Music Festival!

by The Blake Mashburn Group


The city of Ventura will be filled with beautiful, melodious music during the 24th annual Ventura Music Festival!!! This incredible festival brings world class musicians and performers to multiple venues across our area. Enjoy 9 incredible live performances in a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, and popular. Do not miss this fantastic cultural event!

Complete Schedule

Thursday, July 12th

  • John Jorgenson Quintet | “Gypsy Jazz”
  • Time - 7:30 pm
  • Location - Olivas Adobe Historical Park (4200 Olivas Park Drive, Ventura)

Friday, July 13th

  • Tea Trumpets | Festival Brass Quintet
  • Time - 3:00 pm
  • Location - Wyndham Garden Ventura Pierpont Inn (550 Sanjon Road, Ventura)

Friday, July 13th

  • Twanguero | “Rockabilly Mambo”
  • Time - 8:00 pm
  • Location - Ventura College Performing Arts Center (4700 Loma Vista Road, Ventura)

Saturday, July 14th

  • Pink Martini | “Little Orchestra”
  • Time - 8:00 pm
  • Location - Oxnard Performing Arts Center (800 Hobson Way, Oxnard)

Sunday, July 15th

  • Trio Céleste | Chamber Music
  • Time - 3:00 pm
  • Location - Ventura College Performing Arts Center (4700 Loma Vista Road, Ventura)
  • “What’s the Score?” Pre-Concert Talk by Nuvi Mehta at 2:15 pm  

Wednesday, July 18th

  • Jarabe Mexicano | Lively Latin American Songbook
  • Time - 5:00 pm
  • Location - San Buenaventura Mission Park (200 Block of East Main Street, Ventura)
  • FREE Public Concert

Friday, July 20th  

  • Akropolis | “High Speed” Reeds
  • Time - 8:00 pm
  • Location - Ventura College Performing Arts Center (4700 Loma Vista Road, Ventura)

Saturday, July 21st

  • Perla Batalla | Songstress
  • Time - 8:00 pm
  • Location - Ventura College Performing Arts Center (4700 Loma Vista Road, Ventura)

Sunday, July 22nd

  • Malashock Dance | “Together in the Fires of Delight”  
  • Time - 3:00 pm
  • Location - Ventura College Performing Arts Center (4700 Loma Vista Road, Ventura)


Purchase tickets to each of these performances HERE!


Follow us on Facebook and visit our Website for information on more incredible community events throughout the year!

Image Credit: Ventura Music Festival

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