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How To Stay On Financial Track During Your Mortgage Approval!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

You just put in a mortgage application for a new Ventura CA Home! Congrats! Although you might know without a shadow of a doubt that you will get approved, your financial diligence is not over! The lender will be tracking your assets throughout the process. Any changes can therefore have a negative impact on your qualification for the loan. Here are the major financial moves to avoid while you are going through the mortgage application process!


1. Stay At The Same Bank: Remember, lenders need to source and track assets. To make sure that your lender can easily source and track your assets, you should keep the same bank account(s) that you listed on your application. Avoid closing your account or opening a new one at a different bank.

2. Keep All Credit Accounts Open: Closing credit accounts will change your credit history (which goes beyond payment history to look at length and depth of credit) as well as the ratio of your credit usage to the percentage of available credit. This will have a negative impact on your score.

3. Don't Open New Credit: Stay on track for approval and keep your interest rates lower by not opening any new lines of credit, including auto loans or additional credit cards.

4. Avoid Cash Deposits: It is important that your deposits are traceable and cash is not. Ask your lender the best way to document transactions before depositing cash into your bank account.

5. Maintain Your Job & Current Salary: Your annual income and its source are important factors in your application. Avoid any changes in your employment.

6. Do Not Purchase Other Large Items: This is one of the more common mistakes. Stay on track to qualify to avoid making any additional large purchases (ie automobiles, furniture, electronics, etc.) during this time.

7. Don’t Become A Co-Signer: Although you might not be the one making the payment, the payment will be counted against you if you co-sign on a loan. You might want to help out your friend or loved one but hold off doing so while you are looking to purchase a home.



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Tasks To Help You Prep Your Ventura Yard For Spring!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Get your Ventura yard ready for spring by prepping it today! Before the weather warms up too much more, you will get the best results and save time by taking care of your landscape now. Here are the best lawn tasks for you to complete to prep your yard for spring!


1. Service Your Mower

Keep your lawn mower in tip top shape all season long! Before you have to start using your lawn mower on a regular basis, it is best to service it now. Give it an oil change. Clean the air filter. Replace the spark plugs. Sharpen the blades.


2. Cover The Bare Spots

Look for bare or thin spots of grass in your yard. Add sod or spread grass seed across these areas. Doing it now before soil temperatures rise more will help keep weeds from growing in those areas instead.


3. Clear Lawn Debris

Do a thorough clean up of your yard. Remove all branches, leaves, and clumps of lawn debris from your yard and garden. This natural clutter can stunt new growth so it is important to remove it in enough time for the spring blooms to take root.


4. Prep Your Plants Apply Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Check your soil to make sure that it is dry. The best test for this is to see if the soil crumbles in your hand instead of clumping. If it is crumbly, start pruning your shrubs and trees and remove growth from perennials. Add slow release fertilizer to trees and shrubs. Use fertilizer that has a pre-emergent herbicide because this additive will fight weeds before they germinate.


5. Pick Your Plants

Now it's time to get your green thumb going! You can begin adding bare root plants and other foliage that will love the current cooler temperatures. Go to a nursery and preorder your perennials. You will take advantage of early spring savings and will have the best selection of plants.


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Renovate Your Ventura Home To Sell!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Get your Ventura home ready to sell by making some renovations. Updating your home will help attract your buyers to your property and will increase the value of your home. While we understand that it might seem counter intuitive to put more money into your home when you are leaving, there are some renovations that have a great return on investment (ROI) and make awesome financial sense for you to complete. The Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report ( analyzes the average costs of home remodeling projects with the value that those projects have when the homes are sold. Check out the top 5 renovations that will help you sell your Ventura home and make you money!



Install a 4 section steel Garage Door for a fresh, updated look to the exterior of your home. This upscale renovation costs $3,785 and makes you a profit with an ROI of 123.8%!


Add a Manufactured Stone Veneer to the bottom section of your home's exterior as well as around the front door entryway. This mid-range renovation costs $9,507 and will make you another profit with an ROI of 110.4%!


Create an outdoor living space in your backyard with a Wood Deck Addition. This mid-range renovation costs $16,511 and has a ROI of 87.8%.


Make some updates in a Minor Kitchen Remodel with floors, countertops, and appliances. This mid-range renovation costs $24,950 and has an ROI of 87.1%.


Replace your front door with a Fiberglass Door with Duel Sidelights for a grand entrance to your home. This upscale renovation costs $9,568 and has an ROI of 85.1%.



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Best Places to Live in Ventura County!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

With incredible weather year round, a stunning natural environment, and charming communities with endless amenities, Ventura County is a great place to call home! But with all Ventura County has to offer, how could you ever narrow down which community is the best fit for you and your family? Have no fear! Neighborhood ranking and review website recently released their list of Best Places To Live In Ventura County for 2019!


If you are looking to move to a city in Ventura County, be sure to check out these highly rated communities!



Population: 7,594

Median Home Value: $657,000 | Search Ojai Homes For Sale

Niche Overall Grade: B+

This small community is filled with charm. It offers residents beautiful parks, unique restaurants and stores, and fantastic community events throughout the year. It is equally great for families and retirees. Enjoy minimal commute times and low crime rates in this city.



Population: 110,153

Median Home Value: $493,800 | Search Ventura Homes for Sale

Niche Overall Grade: B

Located along the stunning Pacific Ocean, Ventura offers beautiful views and endless recreational opportunities for its residents. There is always something fun to do in this thriving mid sized city and it is filled with great dining and retail options. It is a popular community for young professionals and families. The public school system within Ventura is consistently highly rated throughout the state.



Population: 67,116

Median Home Value: $541,600 | Search Camarillo Homes for Sale

Niche Overall Grade: B

Residents in Camarillo enjoy quiet living in this beautiful city. There are many excellent amenities located within the city limits and access to the larger cities in the area is a breeze. There are good public schools as well as many parks to spend time outdoors.

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3 Money Tips To Help You Afford Your Dream Home in Ventura!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Buying a home is a major financial commitment! You want to make sure that you have all the necessary savings to do so. Get yourself in great financial health to buy a new home in the beautiful Ventura area.


Get financially ready to BUY your dream home in Ventura County! Give The Blake Mashburn Group a call today or visit our website at so we can help make your dreams a reality!

Tips For Finding Great Houseplants For Your Ventura Home!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Houseplants can instantly add a fresh new touch to the decor of your Ventura home. Through color, texture, and shape, houseplants are a quick and beautiful addition to any room. They also provide many benefits for you and your family by improving the home's air quality, helping reduce many illnesses, increasing focus and reducing fatigue, and so much more. Not sure where to start with your indoor green thumb? Here are some helpful tips to find the best houseplants for your Ventura home!


1. Decide where you want to put the plant(s) within your home. What is the interior design of the space? How much lighting does that area get? There are plants to fit every single one of your needs but you need to make sure you find a plant that will thrive and tastefully match the particular location.


2. Make sure you only buy your plants from reputable stores. The quality of care received by the plants while at the store will determine the longevity of the plant once you bring it home. The plants should look healthy and properly cared for when you see them.


3. Don't limit your buying to the stores. Check out garden magazines and catalogs for more unique options. However, make sure any companies you order through offer a money back guarantee in case damage occurs in transit. You can also find unique offerings of plants through plant societies.


4. Decide whether you want to care for a plant that has already begun to grow or want to start it from a seedling. Both have different needs for care so it is important to evaluate what your time availability is.


5. Do a good visual examination of the plant before your purchase. Look at the color, firmness, and fullness. Make sure there are signs of new growth. If you are picking out a flowering plant, choose when the is not in full bloom as it will not last as long. An important part of the visual examination is checking for diseases and insects. Look at the spots where branches and stems meet. Avoid buying plants with any evidence of disease or insects as these can quickly spread to other plants in your home.


6. Along with looking at the the plant, you should feel the soil. Check if it is too compacted or too loose. Poor soil will stunt the plants growth. If you determine that the soil is poor, this does not need to deter you from purchasing the plant. It simply means that you should repot the plant when you get home.


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How To Avoid The Top Home Buying Mistakes!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Although not an overly tricky process, there is a lot that goes into buying a house. Throughout this process, buyers, especially if it is their first time, can sometimes make avoidable mistakes. Although these mistakes might seem minor they can keep a buyer from being able to purchase their home....and nobody wants that! We are here to help if you are looking to buy your dream home in the Ventura area. Here are the commonly made silly home buying mistakes and ways for you to avoid them.


Mistake: Delaying Financing

How to Avoid: The first step in your home buying process should be meeting with a mortgage lender to find out what financing options are available to you. This will allow you to set your budget.


Mistake: Using an Unreliable/Fake Lender

How to Avoid: Ask your realtor for recommendations of mortgage lenders. Also do some of your own research so you understand the basics of a mortgage and can identify a fraud.


Mistake: You get Pre-Qualified and not Pre-Approved

How to Avoid: When it all comes down to it, pre-qualified means nothing. You need to actually get pre-approval in order to show that your financing is ready for purchasing a home.


Mistake: Searching Outside Your Budget

How to Avoid: With pre-approval, you know exactly the financing available to you through your mortgage lender. Stick within this budget and only look for houses that fit within it.


Mistake: Offering Too Low

How to Avoid: If it is a sellers market, which is currently is, you cannot provide a seller with a lowball offer because they will simply go with a different buyer.


Mistake: You Go on a Shopping Spree during Escrow

How to Avoid: Although you have pre-approval, your finances are not 100% secure. In fact, your lender will double check your finances right before closing to make sure you still qualify. If you have suddenly opened new credit accounts or purchased a big ticket item, such as a car, appliances, etc, it could change your debt to income ratio and affect your loan qualification. Just avoid buying anything big until after you have closed on your new home.


Mistake: Not Having the Money to Cover Closing Costs

How to Avoid: Work closing costs into your budget from the very beginning. Get an estimate from your mortgage lender of closing costs before you put in your offer on the house so that you have the necessary funds.


Now that you know how to avoid these common buyers mistakes, you are ready to BUY your dream home in Ventura County! Give The Blake Mashburn Group a call today or visit our website at so we can help make your dreams a reality!


5 Signs That You Could Offer Below Asking Price!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

There are always opportunities for buyers to score great deals on their new homes. You just need to know what to look for. Although offering below asking price can be risky, it also can pay off! It's a matter of being smart about it. Working with your realtor can help you craft a winning offer that will not be insulting to the sellers and still save you some money. If you are looking into Buying your dream home in Ventura, watch out for these 5 signs that it might be the right time for a low offer!


1. The Home is Obviously Overpriced.

Some homes are just plain expensive and worth every penny. Other homes are listed high but inaccurately. This often occurs because sellers have an emotional attachment to their home and think it is worth more than it truly is. Ask your realtor for comps in the neighborhood. If the home is clearly overpriced, it might be easier to come in with a lower, more appropriate offer.


2. The Seller is Ready to Move.

Maybe the seller is moving out of the area for a new job or perhaps their financial situation no longer allows them to afford the home. In these and other cases, the seller will be anxious to unload their property as quickly as possible. Do some detective work with your realtor to find out the motivation for selling. If it is clear that the seller is ready to go, they will be more receptive to a low offer in order to speed the process along.


3. The Home is On and Off the Market.

A home was on the market, then pulled off, and now is back again. The seller is likely starting to get annoyed with the whole process and is ready to get it done with once and for all. This is a great time to offer below listing price.


4. You are Open.

If you are flexible on your home wish list and/or are willing to make renovations on any home you buy, then the most important factor for you should be price. Being open to a variety of homes allows you the opportunity to offer low whenever you want until you finally score that incredible deal.


5. The Home is Out of Date.

You walked into a home and feel like you just stepped back in time several decades. This will scare off many buyers, particularly those that are looking for move in ready. The seller is likely have some difficulty selling. If you are willing to put in some work once you move in, consider an offer below asking price.


Score an incredible deal on a new home by looking for these 5 signs. Check out our current Homes for Sale throughout western Ventura County to start the process. Give Blake Mashburn a call today or visit our website at

Top Photography Tips For Your Online Listing!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Almost all home searches today begin online. That means sellers need to make sure that their listing grabs the attention of these viewers. The best way to do that is through the photographs of your home. Make them look as professional as possible in order to get buyers excited to view your home. Here are some easy photography tips to help make your Ventura home pop out from the computer screen.


Equipment: Using the best equipment will set you up for success. Although smartphones have better cameras than ever, they still cannot compare with the real deal. Use a DSLR camera for your photographs. Also, make sure you use a tripod to eliminate the chance for blurry photos due to camera shake as well as to help keep your photos straight.


Lighting: Lighting is the most important element in photography. Exterior shots of your home should always have the sun shining directly on the front of it to eliminate shadows. Indoor shots should be well lit by keeping all interior lights on and window shades open.


Framing: Capture the size and layout of your home through framing. Use angles to your advantage to make rooms appear larger. Do not shoot from behind large furniture that can cause the space to look cramped. A good rule of thumb is to include three walls within the photo. This creates depth and provides balance to the photo.

Content: Make sure to capture everything that a buyer needs to see in order to want to view your home. Highlight the best architectural and design features inside the home. Make sure that interior shots also show what is outside of the home through the open windows. For exterior shots, make sure that the yard and landscaping is easily seen in the images of the home.


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How To Be The Ultimate Open House Host!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Help Sell your Ventura home for top dollar and quickly by hosting the best open houses around! Open houses are a great way for buyers to see the home in person and ask any questions that they might have. They play a major factor in whether or not a buyer wants to pursue a particular home. Have buyers scrambling to buy your home! Follow these tips for hosting a successful open house!


1. Make it Welcoming - Although it might not seem like much, welcoming touches as simple as a nice doormat on your front porch can set a positive tone for the entire open house. By creating a welcoming atmosphere from the very start, you are showing buyers that you take pride in your home and it is well maintained.


2. Clear off Counters - Make sure your home looks like it has ample counter space in the kitchen and bathrooms by clearing them off of clutter. Keep appliances to a minimum on the kitchen counters and put personal hygiene items in drawers or cabinets within the bathrooms.


3. Keep it Generic - You want the buyer to envision themselves within the home so it is best to remove any personal items that can be distracting to potential buyers. Consider stowing away photos, children's art work, and other familial items during the open house.


4. Set the Table - Add some class to your home by adding nice place settings to your dining room table. This will also help the buyer envision hosting their own dinner parties within the space.


5. Make it Homey - Offering a tasty homemade treat or refreshing drink as soon as a buyer comes to the open house can instantly create a feeling of home. Add some freshly picked flowers or light a mildly scented candle to add some homey elements.


6. Don’t Hang Out - Buyers are more likely to feel awkward during an open house if the home owner is there. They might feel uncomfortable looking throughout the home or asking questions of their agent while you are there. Consider only being in the home for a brief moment or not at all when you have an open house scheduled.


A successful open house can be key to selling your Ventura home!  If you are ready to sell, the Blake Mashburn Group is here to help you every step of the way! Give us a call today or visit our website at

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