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Community amenities to evaluate when choosing a place to live

by The Blake Mashburn Group

A home purchase is a big decision that affects everyone.  Before you begin to look, figure out what amenities are most important to you and your family in the neighborhood of your choice?

  1. Schools- Whether or not you have children the schools in your neighborhood are of great importance.  Great schools add value to your home as well as a solid educational foundation for your children
  2. Conveniences- Are there a number of grocery store options close by?  Is your bank close? How about playgrounds for the kids?  Where are your doctors located? All these things play into the likeability of the location of your home.
  3. Dining and entertainment- While this may not be on the top of your list, your hobbies, dining preferences and entertainment options and the distance from your home will be important.
  4. What amenities does the home itself offer?  Big backyard, outdoor pool, extended patio or deck for outdoor living space?
  5. If it is a relatively new neighborhood, what was it built upon?  Some areas have been built over wetland and filled.  This could cause unsettling in your home resulting in cracked foundations and walls.

Before you begin your home search, partner with a real estate agent that is an expert in the area and has lived or worked there for a good number of years.  Their experience and knowledge could be a lifesaver for you and can save hours of viewings in areas that don’t meet your needs.

Need more information about our area?  Contact us today.  We’ll help you find the perfect home in the best neighborhood to suit all your needs.

Searching for your new home? Here are 7 things to ignore!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

You're pre-approved for your mortgage and are now beginning your home search.  Congratulations! Here are some 7 tips on things to ignore when viewing homes so you don't let the perfect home in the best location get away from you:

  1. Home Staging is done to highlight the best that a home has to offer. But you need to remember that it’s the homeowners and designers choices to utilize the pieces they’ve chosen.  Your ideas for a room might be totally different, so look past the design choices and envision your own furniture, colors and personal touches in the home instead!
  2. Carpeting!  Don't be turned off by a home that is filled with carpeting! Updating floors is an inexpensive update to a home you truly love.  Plus, many homes will have beautiful hardwood floors beneath the carpeting in that room. 
  3. Wallpaper.  This decorating gem has made a comeback over the past couple years, and in many cases, when done right, can really accentuate a room.  However, if the wallpaper isn’t your cup of tea, don’t sweat it!  A good steam and elbow grease will have this off in no time; giving you a blank canvas to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.
  4. Bright and bold paint colors.  Are you the type of individual who prefers a more neutral canvas for your walls?  It's a very easy change to make and refresh the home at the same time.  Keep in mind that paint colors are personal choices of any homeowner, not something that needs to stay in place once the home is purchased.
  5. Bathroom or Kitchen hardware and sink styles.  You walk into a home with your heart set on the new brass/black faucets and bowl sinks, but you find stainless steel and basins of yesteryear.  Again, this isn’t a big problem.  Swapping out faucet hardware and even upgrading your basins can be done very cost-effectively.
  6. Kitchen cabinet colors.  Individual opinions vary deeply when it comes to a dream kitchen.  If you’re looking at a home that has a great layout, island and lots of cabinets to suit your needs but they are in black and you’d like gray... not a big deal!  There are plenty of interior decorating services that can spray and paint your existing cabinets to the color you desire; without totally remodeling the entire kitchen.
  7. Landscape. Curb appeal is critical whether you’re buying or selling a home, but again, each person has their own tastes as to what looks beautiful.  If you’re seeing a yard that has lots of crazy bushes or too much maintenance, look at it as an opportunity to create your own backyard oasis.  Simply axing a home because the yard and garden isn’t to you liking can cost you a great home.

Better to concentrate on the home’s more important aspects;  How is the roof?  Electrical? HVAC? Foundation?  These are the non-negotiable parts of the home that need to be in great working order, or can cost you dearly.  Cosmetics are just the choice of the homeowner and can be tailored to your own likes and needs.

Ventura California Real Estate Market Update: October 10, 2017

by The Blake Mashburn Group

It's a strong Seller's Market in Ventura, CA with buyer demand strong and homes being quickly snapped up.  

Weekly Housing Market Stats

Market Index:  41.62 %- Sellers Advantage

Number of Properties on the Market:  173

Median List Price:  $699,000.

Average Square Footage:  1,862

Average Number of Bedrooms:  3

Average Number of Bathrooms:  2.5

Days on the Market: 82

Average Price per Square Foot:  $380.


Seven & Ninety Day Market Trends to consider:

Ventura CA Market Action Index Sellers Advantage

Number of Properties for Sale Ventura California

Median List Price for Ventura CA Homes

Ventura CA Average Days on the Market a home is for Sale

Ventura CA Price per Square Foot

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