You’ve closed on your new home in Ventura and all your possessions are packed! You are all set to move to your new address. Although it might feel like all your work is done, there is one final (and important) step to take….and it’s one that can be easily overlooked in the chaos of moving. This step is notifying others of your change of address! Avoid any potential hassles and missteps by changing your address at least a week ahead of your move with these organizations, agencies, providers, and individuals.


1. Post Office

This is the one that most people remember when they move….but just in case here is USPS Website where you can submit your official change of address.


2. Utilities

Avoid still paying the utilities bill for your old home when you move. Make sure you notify all of your utilities providers, including electric, gas, cable, and internet, before you move so that you can start service in the new home on your very first day there.


3. Cellphone

Since cell phone companies determine the tax rate on your bill based on your primary residence, it is required that you update your billing address any time you move.


4. Your Bank, Credit Card Providers, Etc.

Even if you handle the majority of banking and finances online, you want to notify all of these institutions and providers of your address change to avoid sensitive, personal information to be sent to your old address.


5. DMV

The state of California requires you to notify the DMV of your change of address within 10 days of moving. This allows them to update your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and vehicle title. Find out all the information you need to change your address on the DMV Website.


6. IRS

Don’t wait to update your information with the IRS until tax season comes around because it will just delay your refund. Change your address with the IRS while it is fresh on your mind. Find out how to update it on the IRS Website.


7. Government Programs

This won’t affect all moving homeowners but if you receive benefits from any government agencies, such as the Social Security Administration, Medicare, or Medicare, make sure you update your information with them to keep your benefits active and avoid private information from getting in the wrong hands.


8. Voter Registration

If you’re a registered voter (and you should be!), make sure you update your address so that you can vote in all upcoming elections.


9. Your Work

It’s likely that your coworkers are aware of your move but make sure that the human resources department is too! They will need to update your information for payroll and benefits.


10. Your Insurance Providers

In order to file a claim with your health, car, life, dental, and homeowners insurance, your new address must be listed on your policy.


11. Your Medical Providers

You don’t want to potentially fall behind on paying medical bills by having them sent to your old house. Make sure you let your doctor, dentist, and any other health providers know about your move.


12. Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions

If you still receive a paper copy of the newspaper or your favorite magazine, make sure you let them know of your new address so you never miss an edition/issue.


13. Online Shopping

We all do a large portion of our shopping online and with those sites that we use frequently, such as Amazon, it can be easy to purchase something and forget to look over your shipping address. Update your information know while it is on your mind so you receive all of your packages.


14. Friends and Family

This final one is another gimme but do not forget to provide your friends and family with your new address so that they can keep sending you those birthday and holiday cards every year!

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