As we head towards the end of the year, the days are getting shorter. With less hours of sunlight to take advantage of, it is important to keep your home feeling bright and airy. This will keep your family feeling cheery and make your home appear larger for prospective buyers! Here are some great tips to creating a light and bright living space in your Ventura home!


1. Clear Space. Removing clutter from your home will help lighten the space by creating smooth lines. Think about what furniture you can get rid off that will help open up the space and make sure you keep items on the counters to a minimum.


2. White Walls. Freshen up your home by repainting the walls and ceiling white. Not only will this lighten up the space but it will also make it appear larger!


3. Gray & Blue Accents. Add subtle pops of color amongst the white walls with soft, light shades of grays and blues in your decor.


4. Light linens. Keep the sun shining bright throughout the home with light, airy curtains. Keep the home feeling cozy with plush white linens and pillows.


5. Mirrors. Open up space with the reflection of mirrors. Not only do wall mirrors help but mirrored decor and home accents have the same effect!


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