Ventura, California is located along the Pacific Coast, about 1 hour north of Malibu, California and about 45 minutes south of Santa Barbara, California.

However, unlike Malibu and Santa Barbara, Ventura offers seaside, ocean view luxury homes for a fraction of the cost!

Somehow, Ventura has remained "off the radar" of most Los Angelinos and Santa Barbarian's for many years, which has artificially, in my opinion, allowed real estate prices to remain "reasonable" in comparison to other California coastal communities.

Yet, Ventura boasts a moderate Mediterranean climate, little traffic or crime, great schools, many restaurants, shops, theaters and proximity to the Anacapa Islands, and National Forests with their many outdoor activities, as well as numerous uncrowded beaches!

Starting from the high $400k's, Ventura's hillsides boast everything from modern, cliff-hanger mansions to 20's-era Spanish estates, including one of my most recent hillside listings at

  1743 Miramar Drive, Ventura, California

Additionally, Ventura offers everything from 1950's beach bungalows, starting in the $500k+ range to beach front homes at more than $2 million, to Ventura Harbor dock properties, starting in the $900k + range.

Recenlty, I sold the property pictured below, 1313 Beachmont Street, here in Ventura at $1,352,000. This is a main channel home, with a 35 foot boat dock. 

As you can see, Ventura offers so much, for so little, in the way of luxury homes in every price range.

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