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Celebrate Ojai at Ojai Day!!!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Celebrate everything you love about Ojai at the 24th Annual  Ojai Day!!! Come explore all the best art, culture, food, and entertainment that Ojai has to offer at this favorite community street festival. With over 100 vendors, hours of live entertainment on 5 stages, children's activities and games, Mandala street art, Lions Club Beer and Wine Garden, and so much more! All this is taking place on Saturday, October 21st, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm throughout Ojai. Do not miss out on any of the fun taking place at this year's Ojai Day!


Mandala Stage | South Signal Street

  • 10:00 am | Opening Ceremony with Julie Tumemait

  • 10:30 am | Nordhoff High School Dancers

  • 11:00 am  | Nordhoff High School Drum Line

  • 12:00 pm | Matilija Junior High School

  • 12:30 pm | Agape Mime Troup

  • 1:00 pm | Oak Grove High School

  • 2:00 pm | Blood, Bath and Beyond

  • 3:00 pm | Celtic Nut

  • 4:00 pm | Danza Azteca Tonalli

Ojai’s Own Stage | Ojai Avenue (between North Montgomery & Fox Streets)

  • 10:00 am | Gregg Myers

  • 11:00 am | Francisco Leon

  • 12:15 pm | Rockin’ it Old School

  • 1:00 pm | Kerri Climer and Friends

  • 2:00 pm | Danny McGaw with TD Lind

  • 3:00 pm | Smitty and Julija and Friends

Gypsy Gazebo | Libbey Park

  • 11:00 am | Open Dance

  • 12:00 pm | Alas Latinas

  • 1:15 pm | Anne Visocky

  • 1:25 pm | Veronique

  • 1:35 pm | Gena Rose

  • 1:45 pm | Jessica of Ojai

  • 1:55 pm | Olivia Davi

  • 2:10 pm | Anja and Anja’s Court

  • 2:30 pm | Celeste

  • 2:40 pm | Lisa

  • 2:50 pm | Laura Johnson

  • 3:00 pm | Yasemin

  • 3:10 pm | Zia

  • 3:20 pm | Sheenedra

  • 3:40 pm | Tandava

  • 4:00 pm | Eden Flynn & Basho

  • 4:20 pm | Chel & Jebrain of Conscious Creatrix Collective

  • 4:40 pm | Isha Ferraz and Hamsa Dance

  • 4:55 pm | Joanne Terry

Ojai Valley Community Memorial Hospital Children’s Stage

  • 10:00 am | OYES and Monica Ros Choir

  • 10:30 am | Peachtree Storytime – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

  • 11:00 am| Ojai Raptor Center

  • 11:30 am | Agape Mime Troupe

  • 12:00 pm | Peachtree Theater Games

  • 12:30 pm | Ojai TKD

  • 1:00 pm | OYES Lion King

  • 1:30 pm | Ojai Kung Fu Kids

  • 2:00 pm | Ojai Raptor Center

  • 2:30 pm | Robo the Magician

  • 3:00 pm | Living Aikido


Image Credit: Ojai Day

Ventura California Real Estate Market Update: October 10, 2017

by The Blake Mashburn Group

It's a strong Seller's Market in Ventura, CA with buyer demand strong and homes being quickly snapped up.  

Weekly Housing Market Stats

Market Index:  41.62 %- Sellers Advantage

Number of Properties on the Market:  173

Median List Price:  $699,000.

Average Square Footage:  1,862

Average Number of Bedrooms:  3

Average Number of Bathrooms:  2.5

Days on the Market: 82

Average Price per Square Foot:  $380.


Seven & Ninety Day Market Trends to consider:

Ventura CA Market Action Index Sellers Advantage

Number of Properties for Sale Ventura California

Median List Price for Ventura CA Homes

Ventura CA Average Days on the Market a home is for Sale

Ventura CA Price per Square Foot

Are you considering selling your Ventura Home?  Get a free, instant Home Valuation here.


Looking for your dream Ventura CA Home?  Sign-up for our Free Preferred Email Listing Alerts and receive new homes to the market that meet your personal requirements!  Sign-up here.

ArtWalk Ventura 2017!

by The Blake Mashburn Group


Do not miss our favorite artistic event of the year.....ArtWalk Ventura!! Head to historic Downtown and the Westside Cultural District in beautiful Ventura on Saturday, October 7th (11:00 am - 7:00 pm) and Sunday, October, 8th (12:00 pm - 5:00 pm) for a fun, self guided tour of the best galleries this city has to offer! Check out the incredible work by 700+ talented artists on display at 30+ Venues and PODS Galleries. Celebrate Ventura's thriving arts scene at this 24th annual event and find beautiful art to put on display in your Ventura home!



Featured Events  

Collectors Reception

  • October 4th (FREE Admission)

2017 Global Artist of Distinction - Shamsia Hassani Events

  • Champagne Reception - October 5th (Information & Tickets HERE)

  • Women’s Luncheon - October 15th (Information & Tickets HERE)

Bowl Hop

All Weekend (Information HERE)


Image Credit: ArtWalk Ventura  


Know the Facts About These Common Home Buying Myths

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Buying a home is a major step! And, for first time home buyers, it can seem like a daunting task. There is plenty advice out there about what steps to take, the process, financing, and more….but unfortunately there are also a lot of misconceptions and misinformation.You are ready to by your first home in the Ventura area. Congrats! Purchasing your new home can be an exciting and daunting process! While there is plenty of real estate advice out there on financing, the process, steps to take, and more, we know that there is a lot of information that steers first time home buyers in the wrong direction. Never fear! We are here to tell you the truth about several common myths that you might hear and get you ready to begin your journey towards your new home!


Myth #1 | It begins with the search.

Fact | You've made the decision purchase your first home. You know your lists of must haves in your new home. It's time to start scrolling the internet for your dream home, right?! Wrong! Although you can begin an initial search for homes to see what is currently available, you should not have the mindset that this is the first step in the home buying process. Your very first step should be getting your finances in order. Make sure your credit is in good shape and get pre-approved for a mortgage. There are two major reasons why you want to take these steps first: (1) you can determine a realistic budget and search for homes that fit within your appropriate range and (2) you will stand out to sellers since you have proof that you are financially ready to purchase a new home.


Myth #2 | Bad credit means you have to wait.

Fact | It is undoubtedly true that having bad credit will make it more difficult for you to purchase your new home right at this moment. However, you do not have to wait. There are financing options, such as FHA loans, that might still be available to you. Just be sure to do thorough research about all the options you have available so that you make the best choice for your current and future financial situation.


Myth #3 | You will save money with a 30-year mortgage.

Fact | A 30-year mortgage does give you more time to pay back the loan, which seems like a way for many first time home buyers to save money. However, if you break it down you discover that you are actually paying more. It takes you twice the time to pay back the same amount you would have borrowed with a 15-year mortgage. That doubling of years means a dramatic increase in the amount of interest payments you are making. Check out our helpful Finance Information for more on the types of loans available. We are not saying that you should not choose a 30-year loan. You just need to do plenty of research to determine what will best fit your lifestyle.


Myth #4 | The only cost you pay upfront is the down payment.

Fact | You have enough money saved and set aside for the down payment. That's great! BUT, what about added costs for credit reports, closing costs, home inspections, insurance, and anything else that could unexpectedly pop up. Make sure that you have additional money set aside for these added costs that are almost always part of the home buying process.


Myth #5 | You must pay 20% for your down payment.

Fact | A 20% down payment keeps you from having to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). It does not mean that you must pay 20%. See if you are eligible for loans with a 5% or 10% down payment if you are willing to pay monthly fees for PMI. You may also qualify for FHA loans or other down payment assistance options.


Myth #6 | You do not really need a home inspection.

Fact | You should NEVER skip the home inspection. Doing so puts you at risk of buying a home with a lot of underlying, hidden issues. This will turn your new "dream" home into a money and time pit. Avoid any of this by having a thorough home inspection done before you negotiate a deal for the home.


Myth #7 | Since you can move eventually, your must haves should focus on just your immediate situation.

Fact | You never know how long you will stay in a home. It is best to find a home that can still fit you as you and your family continue to grow and move forward. Think about your immediate needs and your needs 10, 20, or even 30 years from now. Regardless of what actually ends up happening, this gives you the option to avoid or delay moving in the future and can also help you choose a home that will have greater resale value if you do not to sell someday.


Myth #8 | You will lose the home if you do not offer the asking price.

Fact | It is true that sellers are hoping to get the most amount of money for their home. However, offering a price lower than asking does not mean that sellers will automatically deny your offer. Sellers are often open to negotiating with buyers that show their finances are in order. If you have awesome credit, are pre-approved for a loan, and/or have your down payment ready to go, you show that you are a serious buyer and that the process can begin immediately. This is often enough to make sellers willing to come down on the price.


Myth #9 | A realtor is unnecessary these days.

Fact | An Experienced Realtor by your side during the home buying process is an invaluable resource. Sure, the internet can help you easily search for houses or do some own research on your own but it can never replace all that a realtor does. Especially when it comes to first time home buyers, it is important to work with a realtor who understands the local market, has many years experience negotiating, knows exactly what to look for in a home, and so much more. Having that real estate ally will help alleviate a lot of stress for you during the process.


Now that you know the facts, you are ready to BUY your dream home in Ventura County! Give The Blake Mashburn Group a call today or visit our website at so we can help make your dreams a reality!

Tips to Create the Perfect Fall Oasis Outside!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

The spectacular weather year-round in the Ventura area allows home owners to utilize outdoor areas as additional living space for their families! Help transition you outdoor living spaces into beautiful, cozy retreats for you and your family this fall. Whether your home has a porch, patio, loggia, terrace, or backyard, you can create a beautiful space this fall by following these decorating tips! 


Decide what you want to utilize the space for. Do you want an additional sitting area for your family gather? Or, maybe you want to be able to host dinner parties during the cooler fall nights? You can turn outdoor areas into a living room complete with fireplace, television, and couches or a dining room with a long table and ample seating. The possibilities for your Ventura home are truly endless!


Get comfortable furniture. Your family will inevitability be spending a lot of time in this outdoor space. The furniture outdoors should be just as comfortable as that inside your house. Consider getting functional cozy pieces, such as porter's chairs, chaise lounges, sectional sofas, daybeds, etc. All of these are available for outdoor use. Choose furniture with dark wood or metal frames to fit the overall feel of the season. Choose cushions in neutral colors that can easily transition from season to season


Add some ambiance. Lighting and heating add instant coziness to any space. Consider what source of lighting you want to use in the space so that it is functional well into the night. Chandeliers and hanging lanterns can add a touch of elegance or a rustic feel depending on the decor you are going for. Add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to the space. It can become the perfect spot for your family to gather before bed and the perfect spot for romance once the children have gone to sleep.


Focus on the details. The space's accents are the perfect and easiest way to transition from summer to fall. Add pops of color that reflect the season's fiery hues, such as reds and oranges. Put some throw blankets out that you can wrap yourself up in when it gets chillier at night. Place a lovely outdoor rug down to keep your toes comfy.



Resource:  House Beautiful


Help Keep Ventura County Beautiful During California Coastal Cleanup Day!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

One of the best things about living in Ventura County is the stunning coastal areas and waterways! Help keep all of these beautiful, vital natural spaces clean during the 33rd Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. This Saturday, September 16th, volunteer and give back to your community. Help protect local wildlife and take care of our environment by removing debris from the beaches, creeks, lakes, and rivers throughout the county.


Sign up for a 3 hour shift and enjoy time along the water while making an important difference. Click HERE for the Volunteer Waiver Form.


Help keep Ventura County one of the best places to live by participating in the 33rd Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. Find all the information about area cleanup sites below!



Coastal Sites

  • Emma Wood Group Camp

    • Main Street to camp entrance; meet at kiosk.

  • Marina Park

    • Park entrance at Pierpont and Greenock Lane.

  • Ventura Promenade

    • Meet at the California Street Plaza near the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

  • Mugu Rock Beach

    • Off Highway 1, South of Oxnard. Meet in parking lot near rock.

  • Oil Piers

    • Exit Seacliff, proceed north one mile, go through pedestrian underpass; meet near stairs.

  • Ormond Beach- NRG Generating Station

    • Meet at NRG Energy plant at end of Edison Drive off Hueneme Road.

  • Ormond Beach Wetland (The Nature Conservancy)

    • Meet at gate near dead end on McWane Boulevard. Park near gate.

  • Oxnard Beach Park

    • 1601 South Harbor Boulevard.

  • Rincon Parkway

    • Meet north of Emma Wood State Beach entrance at start of Rincon day use parking zone.

  • San Buenaventura State Beach

    • San Pedro Street entrance, follow “Beach Clean-up” signs.

  • Silver Strand Beach

    • Meet at north end.

  • Ventura Harbor Beaches (Harbor Cove beach to Surfer’s Knoll)

    • Meet at Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center at 1901 Spinnaker Drive.

  • Port Hueneme Beach

    • Meet at Alaska Flight 216 Memorial, south of the pier.

Inland Sites

  • Camarillo-Calleguas Creek

    • Creekside Road at Paseo Del Campo - Meet at bottom of slope at entrance to creek bottom. Call (805) 383-5659.

  • Camarillo-Mission Oaks Park Barranca

    • Meet in the parking lot of park located on Mission Oaks Boulevard at Oak Canyon Road. Call (805) 383-5659.

  • Camarillo-Beardsley Wash

    • Meet at Beardsley Drive and Wright Road in Camarillo.

  • Moorpark

    • Meet at Villa Campesina Park at 4704 Leta Yancy Road. Call (805) 517-6257.

  • Ojai

    • Meet at the Libbey Park lower tennis courts parking lot off of South Montgomery.

  • Santa Paula Creek

    • At Steckle Park off of Mistletoe Road.

  • Santa Clara River Gateway

    • Park in paved lot near Mission Church at corner of Elba Street and Northbank Drive. Follow signs south along bike trail to site.

  • Simi Valley

    • Meet on Erringer Road at the arroyo (next to Rancho Simi Community Park) Call (805) 583-6424.

  • Thousand Oaks/ Arroyo Conejo Creek

    • Meet at Borchard Park, corner of Borchard and Reino, across from tennis courts. Call (805) 449-2386.​

*Map of Ventura County Coastal Cleanup Day Sites*



Image Credit: California Coastal Commission


Arts and Cultural Events this Weekend in Ventura County!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Ventura County isn't just a dream come true due to its endless recreational facilities and stunning natural landscape. It also is a haven for some of the most incredible artistic work in the country. The thriving arts and cultural scene throughout the communities in Ventura County ensure that there is always something interesting, enlightening, inspiring, and beautiful occurring. From visual arts, music, performing arts, theater, and so much more, there is something for everyone. Come celebrate the creative, artistic spirit of our area at these amazing events occurring this weekend in Ventura County.


Ojai Storytelling Festival

Dates: Thursday, September 7th - Sunday, September 10th

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Libbey Bowl & Ojai Art Center

Cost: Varies per each performance/workshop

Enjoy 4 days of incredible spoken word storytelling and music at the 17th Annual Ojai Storytelling Festival. With workshops and performances geared to audiences of all ages, there is something for everyone. Sit beneath the oak trees and stars as you listen to innovative stories. Check out the full Schedule.

Featured Storytellers & Musicians

Individual Tickets and Passes Available HERE


Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival

Dates: Saturday, September 9th - Sunday, September 10th

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Ventura Harbor Village (1583 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura)

Cost: FREE admission!

Marvel at incredible works of art at this fine arts and crafts festival. Stroll through the artisan marketplace to find 50 artisans selling their work, including jewelry, glass work, hand created crafts, paintings, sculpture, and more. There will also be 40 street painters masterfully creating works of art on the sidewalks along the docks!


Oxnard Jazz Festival

Date: Saturday, September 9th

Time: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Location: Oxnard Beach Park (1601 Harbor Boulevard, Oxnard)

Cost: $50 per adult (GA - Lawn Seating) | $15 per child (Ages 5-12)

Dance the day away to the greatest Jazz, Latin, Soul, R&B, and Blues music in the region and country. Along with some of the best live music you will hear all year, enjoy cultural foods, vendor booths, and more activities at this fun musical event. Check out all the related Special Events for fun occurring throughout the weekend in Oxnard.

Featured Artists

Opening Acts

Purchase tickets HERE!


Image Credits: Ojai Storytelling Festival, Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival, and Oxnard Jazz Festival   

Labor Day Weekend Events Throughout Ventura County!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Labor Day Weekend is Here! This long holiday weekend is traditionally filled with family gatherings, cook outs, outdoor recreation, and more. Looking for something unique to fill your time this weekend? We have found a fun event for you and your family to check out each day! Explore the best Ventura County has to offer at these incredible community events taking place this Labor Day Weekend!


15th Annual Ventura Nationals

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Ventura Fairgrounds (10 West Harbor Boulevard, Ventura)

Cost: $15 General Admission | FREE Children 12 & Under | $10 Active Military

Check out the most incredible hot rods, kustoms, and motorcycles at this incredible annual show! You will find some of the best automobiles and bikes in the entire country, from antiques and classics to modern kustom builds. Do not miss the fun Pedal Car Contest as they cruise their way through the fairgrounds for the 4th year. Enter for your chance to win a 1958 Chevy Truck and more! Enjoy great live music by Deadbolt, The Hubcap Stealers, and Poor Man's Change. Tickets are available for purchase at the fairgrounds (Cash Only).


9th Annual Camarillo Chili Cook-off

Date: Sunday, September 3rd

Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Camarillo Ranch (201 Camarillo Ranch Road, Camarillo)

Cost: $20 General Admission | FREE Children 12 & Under | 50% Off for Active Military

Come to Camarillo’s favorite Labor Day weekend tradition! Fill your bellies with the most delicious chili in all of Ventura County. Your general admission ticket gives you unlimited chili samplings and the opportunity to vote for the “People’s Choice” champion! Other food trucks along with wine and beer vendors will also be on site to whet your appetite. Enjoy fun family activities, games, and crafts. Wear your dancing shoes as you listen to incredible live performances by Instone Live, The Ventucky String Band, and Caught Red Handed! Purchase tickets HERE!


13th Annual Santa Paula Labor Day Parade

Date: Monday, September 4th

Time: 10:00 am

Location: Main Street (Between 7th & 10th Streets), Santa Paula

Cost: FREE Admission!

Find the best spot along the parade route and enjoy the best Labor Day parade in the area! This year’s theme is “Honor the Labor Force”. Check out all the great floats, musical groups, and more.

36th Annual Malibu Kiwanis Chili Cook-off, Carnival and Fair

Date:  September 1-4

Time:  Friday- 6-10 pm, Saturday & Sunday- 11-10 pm, Monday- 11-6 pm.

Location: Civic Center Way & Stuart Ranch Road

Admission: $10/day (toddlers free)

Featuring a carnival, fair, live entertainment, silent auction, vendors, food sales and of course the famous Chili cook-off!


Free Concert in Thousand Oaks on Labor Day- Melvin Seals & the Jerry Garcia Band!

Date:  Monday, September 4

Location:  Conejo Community Park

Cost:  Free! Just bring a blanket

Refreshments will be served!

For more events and activities click here


The Blake Mashburn Group wishes everyone a very Happy & Safe Labor Day Weekend!

End of Summer Bash at the 8th Annual Throw Down Cornhole Tournament in Ventura!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Another summer weekend in Ventura means another great community event! Check out The Throw Down Cornhole Tournament this Friday, August 25th, through Sunday, August 27th at Spencer Makenzie's! It is the largest cornhole tournament on the West Coast. Sign up your team today to be eligible for the $32,000 cash payouts! Register to play HERE!! Whether you are playing our not, come down to the tournament for some delicious food, cold beverages, live entertainment, beautiful weather, and summertime fun!

Full Schedule

Friday, August 25th

5:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Pre Team Check In

8:30 pm - 10:00 pm | Pre Kick-Off Party

Saturday, August 26th

9:00 am - 10:00 am | Check In

10:00 am - 11:30 am | Warm Ups

11:30 am | Team Placement into Group Play

12:15 pm | Throw Down Cornhole Tournament Begins

8:00 pm | Music Festival

Sunday, August 27th

9:00 am | Check In

9:00 am - 9:45 am | Warm Ups

9:30 am | Team Placement into A or B Brackets

10:00 am | Throw Down Cornhole Tournament Begins

5:00 pm | Championship Game - B Backet

5:30 pm | Championship Game - A Backet

6:00 pm | Award Ceremony

Celebrate the end of the summer at the 8th Annual Throw Down Cornhole Tournament! The Blake Mashburn Group hopes everyone has a great last weekend of August in beautiful Ventura!


Image Credit: Spencer Makenzie's

Family Fun Weekend in Camarillo!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Camarillo students are heading back to school soon! BUT, there is still plenty of time to enjoy some summertime fun as a family before that first bell rings. There is a weekend full of great events planned in Camarillo for the whole family to enjoy! Spend some time together in the sun and have a weekend jammed pack with fun at these two amazing community events!  


End of Summer Campout

Date: Friday, August 18th - Saturday, August 19th

Location: Community Center Park (1605 East Burnley Street)

Cost: $12 per person | $10.80 per senior (ages 60+) | FREE for children under 2

Click HERE to register (before 7:00 am on August 16th).

Pop up a tent or park your RV in beautiful Camarillo night of fun games, crafts, activities, and more with the whole family!

Camp Out Schedule

Friday, August 18th

  • 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Check In

  • 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Crafts & Lawn Games

  • 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Fire Truck Display

  • 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm | Dinner

  • 6:45 pm - 7:30 pm | “Larger than Life” Outdoor Bubble Show

  • 7:45 pm - 9:30 pm | Campfire & S’mores

  • 8:15 pm - 10:00 pm | Movie - Trolls (2016)

    • Troll Hair Contest

  • 10:00 pm | Lights Out

Saturday, August 19th

  • 6:00 am - 8:30 am | Continental Breakfast

  • 7:00 am - 9:00 am | Clean Up

  • 9:00 am | Park Clear Out


Wings Over Camarillo Airshow

Date: Saturday, August 19th - Sunday, August 20th

Time: 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Location: Camarillo Airport (555 Airport Way)

Cost: $20 per adult | $15 per student (ages 13-18) & active military with ID | FREE for children (ages 12 & under)

Click HERE to purchase tickets in advance to save $3!

See incredible aerobatics, flybys, mock dogfights, and more in the sky above Camarillo! Along with the spectacular airshow, check out the interesting airplane displays in the STEM Pavilion and take a fun ride in a helicopter!

Camarillo is the perfect community for families. If you want to Buy your dream Home in Camarillo, give The Blake Mashburn Group a call today or visit our website at   


Image Credits: Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District (Top Image) and Wings Over Camarillo (Bottom Image)  

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