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Top Photography Tips For Your Online Listing!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Almost all home searches today begin online. That means sellers need to make sure that their listing grabs the attention of these viewers. The best way to do that is through the photographs of your home. Make them look as professional as possible in order to get buyers excited to view your home. Here are some easy photography tips to help make your Ventura home pop out from the computer screen.


Equipment: Using the best equipment will set you up for success. Although smartphones have better cameras than ever, they still cannot compare with the real deal. Use a DSLR camera for your photographs. Also, make sure you use a tripod to eliminate the chance for blurry photos due to camera shake as well as to help keep your photos straight.


Lighting: Lighting is the most important element in photography. Exterior shots of your home should always have the sun shining directly on the front of it to eliminate shadows. Indoor shots should be well lit by keeping all interior lights on and window shades open.


Framing: Capture the size and layout of your home through framing. Use angles to your advantage to make rooms appear larger. Do not shoot from behind large furniture that can cause the space to look cramped. A good rule of thumb is to include three walls within the photo. This creates depth and provides balance to the photo.

Content: Make sure to capture everything that a buyer needs to see in order to want to view your home. Highlight the best architectural and design features inside the home. Make sure that interior shots also show what is outside of the home through the open windows. For exterior shots, make sure that the yard and landscaping is easily seen in the images of the home.


If you are ready to sell your home, give the Blake Mashburn Group  a call today at (805) 856-9350 or visit our website at

Take Your Sweetheart Out For A Romantic V-Day Dinner In Ventura!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Picture this: walking arm in arm with your sweetheart as you head to a romantic dinner in a beautiful beach town..... Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Make that picture a reality by celebrating the holiday in your own stunning town of Ventura! Ventura is filled with incredible dining options, but we decided to make your holiday planning a breeze by offering you a list of the top romantic restaurants in town! Enjoy incredible food and celebrate the love you share at one of these fantastic restaurants this Valentine's Day!

Barrel 33 | 1067 East Thompson Boulevard | (805) 652-1810

--This great wine bar has a special menu planned for Valentine’s Day (Reservations needed). Dine on tasty treats while sipping on an incredible selection of wines.


Café Zack | 1095 East Thompson Boulevard | (805) 643-9445

--You will find an intimate setting within the 1930’s cottage that houses this restaurant and delicious food will keep you and your partner happy and full.


Cafe Fiore | 66 South California Street | (805) 653-1266

--This stylish restaurant offers incredible homemade pasta and bread, as well as all of your other favorite Italian dishes.


Casa Bella | 391 East Main Street | (805) 340-1118

--The stunning decor makes the setting very romantic for your special date. Moreover, the prime cuts of meat and delectable menu offerings make this a top choice for the evening.


Lure Fish House | 60 California Street | (805) 567-4400

--Lure might not be the most intimate, romantic spot on our list, but the seafood cannot be beat. Come here for the food and a fun, lively atmosphere.


Shoals Restaurant at The Cliff House Inn | 6602 Old Pacific Coast Highway | (805) 684-0025

--This Ventura stable has great food, but it makes our list mainly for its setting along the Pacific Ocean. If you can brave the chilly evenings by bundling up, there is nothing more romantic than listening to the waves right next to your table as you dine.


Spasso Cucina Italiana | 1140 South Seaward Avenue | (805) 643-2777

--Enjoy tasty Italian fare and excellent service at this small restaurant in the beach district.

We wish everyone in Ventura a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Follow us on Facebook for more great community information and events throughout the year!

Update Your Ventura Home's Landscaping!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Landscaping is one of the best home improvements you can make to increase it's value. It can increase its value by 5 to 11%! The best part is that it is also an easy improvement to make! And, with spring approaching, now is the perfect time in Southern California to start making some updates to your yard. Here are some great landscaping tips for you to increase the property value of your Ventura home!


1. Landscape to Complement The Style of Your Home

You want to make sure that landscape design compliments your home. What is the architectural style of your home? If it is more modern or industrial, add lots of greenery that contours to the lines of your home. For older style homes, think of designs that will blend well and give more of a country feel.


2. Create a Strategy

Always start off with a plan. This will ensure that you have the best landscaping design for your home. You don't want to do too little or too much. Do not clutter too many plants in a particular area. Make sure to have lots of diversity in your plants to make it interesting but still uniform.


3. Think of the Seasons

We do not experience much seasonal change in southern California but there are plants that thrive best at different times of the year. Keep your landscape looking its best every time of year and match it to the seasons. Bright florals are great for spring, lovely beds are perfect for summer, autumnal colors add a feeling of fall, and evergreens can put you in the holiday spirit for winter.


4. Add Trees

A couple of trees can actually increase the sale price of your home. They help add some welcome shade for you and your home, improve the air quality in your area, and are a great relaxing spot in your yard.


5. Create an Edge

Always have edging along your garden beds, sidewalks, and driveway. This along with a well maintained lawn help showcase the care you take in your home. It is also easy to maintain by keeping weeds at bay.


Of all improvements to boost home value, landscape is one that will get you the largest return on your investment.  Just make sure that you design your landscape with a plan, and don’t let that design become so complex that the mere thought of all the maintenance chases away your buyers.


Enjoy a great return on investment by landscaping your Ventura yard today. For more great home owners tips, visit our website at


Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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