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Set Aside A Home Maintenance Budget!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

As you sit down to budget for buying a new Ventura home, there are several costs to consider. These include the down payment, the closing costs, moving expenses, and the monthly mortgage payments, insurance, and taxes. However, there is something else to add to that budget....home maintenance.



Even if you are buying a newer home with no immediate repair needs, there are 5 maintenance tasks that you should always take care of upon moving in and therefore should prepare for the costs.


  1. Change Locks - Practically anyone could have a key to your new home without you knowing it. Protect your family and your belongings by changing the locks on every exterior door of the home.

  2. Trim Trees - Make sure the trees, especially any older ones, are in good health and not too close to the home itself. Have the trees trimmed and inspected by a professional.

  3. Maintain HVAC - A damaged or failing HVAC system can be very expensive to fix. Stay ahead of any potential issues by having the system maintained right when you move in.

  4. Add Fire Extinguisher - It is important to always have at least one fire extinguisher in your home. Purchase one for the kitchen when you move in.

  5. Clean Chimney - If your new Ventura home has a fireplace, make sure you have it professionally cleaned out since you cannot know for certain when the last time it was cleaned was.



In addition to these 5 home maintenance costs, you should also budget for appliances, furniture, paint, and any other home repairs/updates you need to make. Knowing these costs as you go into purchasing the home will help you stay within your financial means.



After you have been living in your home for a while, however, the budgeting should not stop. You should always keep aside some money to help you cover any unexpected repairs and emergencies that could arise at any time. In order to help you afford these costs, it is a good idea to set aside 1% of your home's purchase price every year for repairs. Just remember that the money you are putting into your home is just building equity for you and your family so it is worth it.


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Spruce Up Your Ventura Home This Spring!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Spruce up your Ventura home this spring! Keep your home and yard in tip-top shape for the year by giving it some attention now. Check out these home maintenance tasks to complete this spring!


AC Check Up!

Before it gets much hotter in Ventura County, you need to make sure that your AC is ready to run. Use a hose (low pressure) on the outside of the unit to clean dirt and dust from the condenser. Replace the filter. Call a professional to look at your AC unit if it has been some time since its last maintenance check.


Make Windows Sparkle!

Be able to marvel at your stunning landscaping by giving your windows a good scrub. The best way to ensure that all smudges and streaks are removed is by having a partner simultaneously wash the inside of the window(s) while you wash the outside.


Inspect Walkways and Patios!

Concrete and brick can become loose on walkways and patios. Look for any of these trouble spots and hire a handy man to come fix it right away. This will avoid preventable mishaps when you have guests over this spring and summer.


Fix Fences and Gates!

Re-strengthen the supports of your fences and check for broken gates that need replacing.


Give Your Lawn Some TLC!

Keep your grass happy and healthy all year by feeding it some nutrients this spring. Fight weeds with home grown compost or a high-nitrogen fertilizer.


Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

Have mulch delivered to your home and add 2 to 4 inches to your planting beds. Doing so, will help your beautiful plants thrive.


Prep Your Grill!

Summertime barbecues are a great tradition. Make sure you are ready to grill up some burgers and other tasty treats by maintaining your grill. Give the grates and metal plates a good cleaning by soaking them, scrubing them, and rinsing them. Clean the walls and hood with a grill brush as well. Check the hoses and connections to make sure they are all working properly.


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Renovate Your Ventura Home To Sell!

by The Blake Mashburn Group

Get your Ventura home ready to sell by making some renovations. Updating your home will help attract your buyers to your property and will increase the value of your home. While we understand that it might seem counter intuitive to put more money into your home when you are leaving, there are some renovations that have a great return on investment (ROI) and make awesome financial sense for you to complete. The Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report ( analyzes the average costs of home remodeling projects with the value that those projects have when the homes are sold. Check out the top 5 renovations that will help you sell your Ventura home and make you money!



Install a 4 section steel Garage Door for a fresh, updated look to the exterior of your home. This upscale renovation costs $3,785 and makes you a profit with an ROI of 123.8%!


Add a Manufactured Stone Veneer to the bottom section of your home's exterior as well as around the front door entryway. This mid-range renovation costs $9,507 and will make you another profit with an ROI of 110.4%!


Create an outdoor living space in your backyard with a Wood Deck Addition. This mid-range renovation costs $16,511 and has a ROI of 87.8%.


Make some updates in a Minor Kitchen Remodel with floors, countertops, and appliances. This mid-range renovation costs $24,950 and has an ROI of 87.1%.


Replace your front door with a Fiberglass Door with Duel Sidelights for a grand entrance to your home. This upscale renovation costs $9,568 and has an ROI of 85.1%.



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Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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