Pricing your home can be one of the trickiest aspects of selling. Not sure what your Ventura is worth? A good place to start is with comparable sales. Comparable sales (known shorthand as comps) refer to homes that are similar to yours. Looking at similar homes within your neighborhood that have recently sold will help give you a good estimate of your home's estimated value. Check out these helpful tips to price your own home based on comparable sales!


Close By: Find homes that are as close to you as possible. But, just because they are close, doesn't mean that you can always price them the same. Find homes in your subdivision, neighborhood, school districts, and similar streets for the best comparisons.


Style Similarities: Look for those homes that match yours in architectural style, construction material, square footage, design features, amounts of bedrooms and bathrooms, and acreage.


Upgrades and amenities: If you have upgraded your Ventura home or if it is filled with amenities, search for homes that have the same upgrades and amenities.


Recently Sold: Since housing prices invariably change over time, it is important that you find homes that sold recently sold. Never use a comparable sale that is over 90 days old since its value no longer reflects the current market.


Insider Knowledge: No one has more insider knowledge of comparable homes and neighborhoods than an Experienced Real Estate Agent. Your realtor will be able to accurately assess the differences between your home and others on the market, will have more details on comparable homes throughout Ventura, and are experts when it comes to pricing homes to sell.


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